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The Center for Radiant Aliveness is a learning and life-changing Fellowship based upon improving the quality of your Health and well-being by improving the quality of your actions. We offer superior education, inspiration, and support to all Health Seekers wishing to make changes that are often too difficult to make alone or are yet to be identified.

The Center offers expert diagnosis in getting to the root cause of your current condition, be it your body or your state of being, by evaluating your level of skill and practice in The Six Arts of Living, and emphasizing your relationship to eating and movement. Radiant Aliveness provides you with valuable principles to live by, a spiritual path of study for continued evolution, and the specific steps required to turn-around, heal, or upgrade your body, Health, and well-being. In addition to delightful Health and Fitness Vacations on Maui, The Center provides a sacred space for those in need of live-in retreat, rest, detoxification, or hands-on training in the arts of living.

Grace Purusha will inspire you to make the changes you have been wanting to make. With a simple but profoundly practical program she will give you the specific steps to adjust your eating and attitudes to enjoy vibrant health, greater happiness and better relationships. I admire those who truly walk their talk and she does.

John Gray, Ph.D, Author of "Men are from Mars"


Aloha Visitor! Please enjoy yourself as you cruise around the contents and description of all that is offered at The Center for Radiant Aliveness. It is my humble honor to be an agent for this great abundance of high caliber services. Over the years, I have had the privilege and good fortune to be blessed by an innumerable array of talented, world class teachers of expertise in many different schools of thought in the world of Natural Medicine. Within this website, you will have an opportunity to overview all the many ways you can partake and benefit from what I have learned along the way.

As you get to know me, you will discover that I have a contagious enthusiasm for anything that is based upon timeless principles and withstood the tests of time. You are the benefactor of all the different effective ways, means, and routes I have developed. I will educate and direct you to what it is needed for you to achieve what you most desire for your body...and also what you need.

There is something for everyone at The Center for Radiant Aliveness. This is an educational fellowship, meaning that together with others on the same track, we will learn and practice what it is that will shift your experience from mediocrity to greater mastery, and ultimately, exemplary living. Thank you for visiting here. It is my sincere wish, that out of your association with The Center for Radiant Aliveness, your personal vision for Health and aliveness become manifest in your life.

With love and gratitude, Grace


I want to tell you a little bit about Grace Purusha, my mentor, teacher, guide, coach, friend and angel. Since I met Grace, I can't recall anytime in my 56 years that more growth or meaningful change has unfolded for me. Grace is a "phenomenon". She has been trained in so many modalities that working with her is like getting "the best of" all the consciousness expansion programs offered in the past 30 years.

Grace has exceptional focus. Her observation, intake, and expertise led her to create my new eating program and the outcome has been even more incredible than I imagined possible. After the first three weeks of the new eating program, including the cleanse she supervised for me, I immediately felt more energy and clarity, less moody, my memory improved, and I lost twelve pounds. I can not emphasize enough the role that Grace's eating principles have had on my well being. I could not have done this any other way. With Grace it's fun, easy, and always makes sense so there is little questioning the message. Grace is a beautiful and rare soul that is steadfast in her commitment to healing She is an extraordinary person and someone that you will want to have on your team.

David H. Charnack, Retired Financial Consultant

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